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Welcome to Mari Claire Pies

Freshly Baked Pies and Breads


I bake all my pies and breads fresh from scratch.  New this year I am baking at a commercial kitchen.  I bake strictly for the twin cities metro area, I do not ship pies. You can either pick them up or I can deliver them to you.

Some of my most popular items are:

Pumpkin Pie when I say made from fresh ingredients this pie and all my pumpkin recipes are from fresh pumpkins that I cook and process myself (never canned pumpkin) there is a big difference in the taste.

Toutiere which is a french canadian pork pie, this recipe has been handed down through several generations. It is traditionally served at Christmas. These pies are made ahead of time and frozen so you can thaw them and finish baking at your convenience.

Pecan Pie I have many customers that grew up in the South and can't get over how wonderful these pies are.

All pie crusts are made from scratch using vegetable shortening (no lard)

*Gluten free Pies and Breads are available

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